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Absolute brilliance! by Viola Eichler

To make a diamond brilliant, there is only one small step - a very special cut! It has long been known that a specific cut could display this Read more [...]
Russian Emerald AAA Classification

AAA Coloured Gems by Francois-Xavier Thiébaud

If you love gemstones, you have probably noticed that some stones have the AAA classification. But what exactly does this mean? The "A's" - Read more [...]
following the amber road

Following the amber road by Francois-Xavier Thiébaud

Fascinated by the Baltic Sea, some time ago I decided to take a trip to the coast and I am very eager to tell you about all the gems that you Read more [...]
blue star sapphire

The Star of India by Viola Eichler

I find the story of the “Star of India” fascinating, it is the story of the sapphire with the largest asterism in the world. I discovered Read more [...]