Monthly Archives: June 2018

The Big Blues by Sudan Edwina Young

    Gazing at the colour blue can help evoke a calm and peaceful state. Mediterranean blue, navy blue, sky blue, baby blue, Read more [...]

So many Gemstones! by Viola Eichler

I have just counted, at the moment we have no less than 530 different gems on offer! It is really unbelievable how many varieties and sub-varieties Read more [...]

How to choose a Topaz by Simona Nicolai

How to Recognize Topaz Topaz is a gem with various hues, so for an inexperienced eye, it can rarely be confused with Ruby or Sapphire, but more Read more [...]
Papal Jewels

Jewellery of the Popes by Cuini Amelio-Ortiz

The episcopal insignia is the ring, the crozier, the mitre and the breast cross. It is they who distinguish the prelates. These insignias have Read more [...]