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Gemstone jewellery has been collected and worn throughout the history of man.

Diamond Brilliant by Cuini Amelio-Ortiz

I'm often asked 'what's more expensive, a Diamond or a brilliant?' The regularity of the question prompted me to write a small article clarifying Read more [...]

So many Gemstones! by Viola Eichler

I have just counted, at the moment we have no less than 530 different gems on offer! It is really unbelievable how many varieties and sub-varieties Read more [...]

How to choose a Topaz by Simona Nicolai

How to Recognize Topaz Topaz is a gem with various hues, so for an inexperienced eye, it can rarely be confused with Ruby or Sapphire, but more Read more [...]
Papal Jewels

Jewellery of the Popes by Cuini Amelio-Ortiz

The episcopal insignia is the ring, the crozier, the mitre and the breast cross. It is they who distinguish the prelates. These insignias have Read more [...]

Why Choose a Topaz? by Simona Nicolai

Topaz is one of the oldest precious stones known The origin of the name Topaz is not very clear. The name could derive from the term "tapas" Read more [...]