Assorted Emeralds

Emerald-gemstone of Love, Re-Birth and Children of May

Emerald is the gemstone of Love, Re-Birth and the children of May! There seems to be some kind of bling magic in the blueish green, to green, members of the Beryl family. The beauties are mined in Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia, and Zambia, and are among the rarest of them all. Some say the fairest as well. Emerald was a beloved gem of the eternally beautiful and equally fiery monarch of Egypt-Cleopatra. And like Cleo, the gem is known for having internal inclusions (flaws), which make the stone, like the woman,  intriguing, mysterious, and mesmerizing.

The gem of Venus represents eternal love, youth, and fertility

The GIA actually created a new standardization just for grading and treatment of the inclusions in Emeralds AKA classification of Emeralds. GIA offers an emerald report on which the degree of clarity enhancement detected will be indicated as “minor,” “moderate,” or “significant”.

Ah. Love and Emeralds. The imperfect beauty is often the one we never forget! So, grab your self a rare imperfect beauty. It might be the one that you will never let go of.


9k-Zambian-emerald-gold-ring-Rocks & Co.

AAA Brazilian Emerald-Rocks & Co.

AAA Brazilian Emerald-Rocks & Co.

In the 1970s three main mining sources emerged, establishing the Emerald world we benefit from today. The sites were Brazil, Columbia, and Zambia. Columbia has been known for producing the high-end gems, Zambia, “the middle” and the lower end was the Brazilian stone lay. But a dramatic cliffhanger turn of events changed the game.

Our gemstone Hunter reports that finds made since 1980 at Itabera in Minas Gerais, Santa Teresinha in Goias, and Nova Era near Itabera are known for supplying the best Emerald Brazil has ever produced including the incredible AAA Emeralds, changed the game and availability of high-quality stones.

Kind of like the horse races. You really never know who will come in first.You simply have to love the sport. Happy Birthday May children. Enjoy the Spring and your gorgeous and rare birthstone!