So many Gemstones!

I have just counted, at the moment we have no less than 530 different gems on offer! It is really unbelievable how many varieties and sub-varieties we offer. Sometimes I really am astonished.

There are about 4700 different minerals in the world, but not all of them are suitable for gemstone jewellery. Gemstones can only be cut from a fraction of the total product mined and only about 10% of the raw material of these minerals are of a suitable quality for setting in gemstone jewellery.

Cuprian -Pink-Tourmaline

Cuprian -Pink-Tourmaline

A gem must have three important attributes:

  • beauty
  • rareness
  • durability

Well, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, even a pebble can, of course, be perceived as beautiful, but it is anything but rare. I believe we can agree on a certain degree of peculiarity that makes something really “beautiful” out of any kind of “stone”.


Esperanza Flourite

Rarity and durability are all definitely attributed to clearly define a gemstone. Some gems are so rare that hardly anyone knows of their existence and therefore they do not even step into the spotlight, although they would definitely deserve it. The Tsavorite is such a case. Only discovered in East Africa in the late 60s and early 70s of the last century, it had a long shadowy existence, simply because it can only be found in one region of the world, only a few specimens were available and of course, hardly anyone had knowledge of this unique gemstone. It was only in recent years that it became the focus of collectors and became more and more popular. Today, demand far exceeds supply. This, of course, has an effect on the price, which has risen continuously in recent years – especially for larger stones of very good quality. This is because Tsavorites are naturally more likely to occur in small sizes, with specimens over three carats being the exception.



What luck that Rocks & Co. has such good contacts and that we can regularly have such a rare gem like the Tsavorite in our program!

Gemstones are of course not always available to the same extent and therefore even we cannot always have all varieties in our program. But when I think about how many different gems I counted on my last window shopping spree at jewellers in town… there really are worlds between.

In our webshop and on TV you will find the whole world of gemstones!

530 different gem varieties! That’s really an amazing number. Or did you know Rocks & Co. Grandidierite, Cumbrian-Fluorite or the Karnataka-Star-Ruby? At Rocks & Co. you will find a real variety…