Rocks & Co. Fashion Forecast-Spring 2020

Fashion Forecast

Fashion week/month is over. Let’s take a look at the London and NY style trends and dive into the Rocks & Co. Fashion Forecast-Spring 2020.

On the London runways, we saw sleek monochrome suits for women at Burberry, where the look was more casual but still refined, in hues of grey and beige, presented under the tutelage of head house designer Riccardo Tisci. The collection included corsets, gingham minis and cool evening wear that can be worn as bridal wear.

Rocha went way back to the designer’s Irish roots. Simone Rocha was inspired by the wild Celtic/pagan rites of Irish Wren Boys, who traditionally hunted the Wren on St. Stephen’s Day. The look showcased empire waist dresses with petty coats and overcoats of organza embroidered with berry and flower motifs. Completing the look were flat boots, straw accents, and sumptuous pearl and gemstone jewels. The models featured were an exceptionally rich cast of Irish characters, including actors Simone Kirby and Valene Kane.

Victoria Beckham served us 70s-inspired business attire and party wear on a platter. The look included tailored neutral-hued and gingham office outfits and suits with neutral-coloured overcoats. For evening, flowing A-lined dresses of purple and bright green floated down the runway.

Peplum tops and dresses were brought to you big time, in black taffeta by Khaite, in a gorgeous plaid from Ulla Johnson, and monochrome white from Christopher Rogers.

White polka dots on black were everywhere at NY fashion week Spring 2020. Lime was a featured colour for Jonathan Simkhai, Rosetta Getty and Tibi. Other hot topics were monochrome white suits for women and black net evening wear.

One big tip from the lifestyle and fashion influencers for all seasons is to shop upcycled, recycled, and second-hand designer shops. That way you can have fun with the trends without breaking the bank and still support the environment. They also suggested slowly adding special items to your wardrobe that will have a long life. Be a collector as opposed to a consumer: a second-hand designer trench for example, or a gorgeous pair of Rocks & Co. Opal & gold earrings! Find the special statement items that reflect your unique personality!

To Fur or Not to Fur

The Humane Society International/UK issued an official statement that “fur cruelty is no longer welcome on the catwalk at London Fashion Week”. However, the British Fashion Council has not banned it and has stated its legality and that fur use ‘is a matter of choice’. Burberry, Gucci, Versace, Miu Miu and Prada have pledged to go fur-free by 2020. The controversy continues to rage on in the fashion world as reports that the majority of faux fur and faux leather are being produced from PVC and other toxic plastics, in addition to problematic labour issues associated with production. Real fur supports an ages-old trade, but according to reports, contributed to the world’s pollution in its production. Vintage fur, as well as cosy wool knit items from well-treated animals, seem to be the only logical solution (this writer’s opinion). Designers like Stella McCartney and H&M are making some headway in the faux fur field.  With the extreme temperatures of global warming, this is not a lightweight issue. Where is the wunderkind who will invent non-plastic, faux fur and leather?

Jewellery Trends 2020

Colourful Jewellery

Good news for jewellery lovers is the continued trend with celebratory jewels featuring bright florals, beaded beauties, and multi-coloured gemstone creations. The message? Have fun with accessories!

The Single Earring

Last year’s odd couple pairs of earrings have morphed into the strong statement of a solo earring trend for spring. It features oversized and statement earrings of gorgeous gemstones and precious metals. The look can be achieved affordably by wearing one from a pair of statement earrings.


Bigger and yet bigger chains were major on the runway. Jewel encrusted over-the-top statement chains. Large chains dripping with jewels. Large faux tortoiseshell chains, faux ivory chains. Then there were as the classic gold and silver chains with pendants, gemstones and coins layered on the décolletage. Pretty much every type of chain imaginable are in this season.


Pearl jewels made a big splash in 2019 and are still going strong for Spring 2020. Single Pearl earrings paired Pearl earrings, Pearl brooches, Pearls on hats, Pearl headdresses, Pearls were sewn into clothing and handbags. Pearl necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Oversized Pearls. Delicate and small Pearls. Freshwater Pearls…

Hoop dreams

Hoop earrings big and small were all over the runways. Diamond encrusted Huggies. Pearl encrusted oversized hoops. African influenced flattened oversized, double hoops. Hoops of multiple materials, gemstone and shell encrusted hoops were everywhere. Hoop earrings are a flattering design staple that keeps reemerging in new forms and materials every season.

Than you for taking a look at Rocks & Co. Fashion Forecast- Spring 2020. Now take a look at the Rocks & Co. collections and find your special accents for every season!