The Unique Pink sold for $32 million

Diamonds are back on the Guinness World Records list!

A new star has been born among the diamonds: The Unique Pink!

An extremely rare 15,38 carat pear shaped pink diamond, was defined as “simply astonishing”. 

The Unique Pink

This pear shaped diamond, called The Unique Pink, was sold during the Magnificent Jewels & Noble Jewels, an auction at Sotheby’s Geneva, it was one for the record books!

The diamond is extremely clear and pure and has a fancy vivid pink colour, which is particularly sought after. The Unique Pink is the world´s largest pear shaped pink diamond ever to be auctioned.

It was the leading lot in the Sotheby’s auction, alongside it many other coloured diamonds were auctioned as their value continues to rise. In fact, the Sweet Josephine, a 16,08 carat pink diamond had been sold for only $28,55 million during a Christie´s auction last November.

The 15,38 carat pear shaped pink diamond was sold for $ 31,6 million to an investor, who followed the auction from far away and succeeded in buying the diamond on the phone.

Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond

The Unique Pink was mined near the Kimberley in South Africa and boasts a strong hue coupled with exceptional transparency. Just the 3 percent of the mines around the world produces coloured diamonds and of this 3 percent, less than the 5 percent produces pink diamonds.

According to Ehud Laniado, chairman of seller Cora International from New York, pink diamonds have risen in value more than 350 percent since it started its price index. By comparison gold has risen by just over 160 percent, according to the non-profit Fancy Colour Research Foundation.

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