Rough Amethyst

The Ying & Yang of Crystals and the Universe

“Everything in the universe is alive. All things are born, die and are again reborn.” This is the core doctrine of many Buddhist sects. Followers of Nichiren Shōshū Buddhism believe in a Mystic Law, where chanting evokes rebirth and transformation towards a ‘personal revolution’. The material facts are this; matter from the death of a star transforms into new matter; stars and other biological organisms. Perhaps the atoms that make up our bodies, once shone like shining stars? Human beings are children of the stars and the universe. Our life is part of the flow of the universe. “The benefits of ‘Nam Myoho Renge Kyo’ are, literally, the inexhaustible benefits of all the universe … ” (D. Ikeda, The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra 3).

Philosophy not only explains how every being exists and manifests itself in relation to the surrounding world, but also science and metaphysics, exploring the possibility that all living beings are immersed in an ocean of frequencies and vibrations and interactive energy. In this context, crystals, or stones, inanimate elements are actually living and endowed with an infinite variety of meanings, powers and energy.

Merelani Mint Garnet Loose Gemstones

Merelani Mint Garnet Loose Gemstones

Traveling in a Time Machine in the Company of Crystals

If we take a trip to museums and archaeological sites, we can discover that precious stones have been held in high regard for their beauty but also because of their properties and endowments. If we take a step back in time we can see how stones were used in ancient Eastern and Western civilizations. Some common uses were the adornment of the garments of priests, as liturgical objects, decorating scepters, crowns, and incorporated in weapons and military vestments. From the Greeks to the Phoenicians, Hindus to the Egyptians, the Assyrian-Babylonians to American Indians, the Romans to Hebrews, crystals served to tune in to the deity, for empowerment before going into battle and to invoke good fortune and protection. From antiquity to the Middle Ages, the esoteric interest in the crystal was transmitted.

Rough Fluorite

Rough Fluorite

Holy Crystals – Healing Crystals

The ceremonial use of precious stones dates back to biblical times, as well. As mentioned in chapter 28 of Exodus, there were twelve tribes of Israel and twelve stones were set in the ‘ephod’ breastplate, worn by the high priests. The plate had two squares of cloth, adorned by twelve stones set in gold, in four rows: Sardonyx, Topaz, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Jasper, Opal, Agate, Amethyst, Beryl & Onyx. Crystals were used as instruments with which to see the future, or served to detect the origin of disease. Mayan priests for example, plunged the rock crystals in mead, which in itself symbolized immortality, in order to see into the future. Following a common thread that binds history, tradition, religion and myth, it is known that precious stones were embedded in the wall layers and doors of the holy cities: for example, in the sacred Hindu texts, called “Purana” the sacred city Dwaraka , where Krishna received visitors, is described as a rich city of pearls, gems and precious stones of various kinds. The doors of the royal city Kusavati, described in the Buddhist text Mah Sudassava Scittareta, were made of Jade, the stone of immortality, which for the Chinese represents purity. The Quran speaks of seven heavens made of gems. Jerusalem, the holy city where Christian, Jewish and Muslim, religions meet, is a melting pot, a fusion of cultures, colours and traditions. According to the ancient texts the city had twelve gates decorated with precious stones, each corresponding to the twelve apostles. 

Rrutile Quartz

Rrutile Quartz Crystal from Rocks & Co.

Crystals Between Philosophy and Science

The Greek philosopher Theophrastus, who lived around 300 BC, is the author of “On the rocks”, which is the first treatise on the virtues of stones. Referencing the four elements: Water, Air Earth and Fire, it dates back to antiquity and theorises that some crystals may be beneficial. His assumptions are based on the fact that the bodies have an energy field and that any natural phenomenon has resulted in the absorbing of energy.

Crystal therapy is an ancient discipline, where practitioners say they can bring energetic balance to body, mind and soul: based on the fact that crystals are able to store energy and then re-emit it. Crystals are used as companion tools for yoga, meditation and for concentration. Contact with stones such as Topaz, Emerald or other crystals are said to have physical responses in the body. Enthusiasts devote studies and readings, and philosophical ruminations on the themes of; choosing of a stone to fit you and your need, how long people wear them, the forms of the accessories, such as bracelets or pendants and those who prefer rough stones pure and simple and unadorned.

If you want to satisfy the curiosity of even the most skeptical, a crystal is in fact a group of atoms that grows. A crystal is composed of silicon and oxygen with a lattice structure and the electrons of its atoms have a very weak bond, it therefore releases electrons when you shake a crystal or hold it in your hands, then when you leave it attracts new ones.
Still not a believer? Check out the mechanisms of your quartz clock and watch!
Crystals constantly receive and transmit energy.

So now I will leave you to immerse yourself in this world of crystals and transparency, energy and vibration. What’s your favourite crystal?

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