Jewellery for him

Where does “jewellery for him” fit into the timescale of jewellery design? From the beginning of time, women have felt the joy of wearing jewellery and dominating the accessories scene.  This is only half true. Some of the first jewels were worn by priests. These jewels had a spiritual meaning. Some of the first craftsmen to work precious metals created pieces to adorn different parts of the male body.

These jewels became very popular. Gradually they were developed into crowns, along with assorted ornaments including mammoth rings.
Today when we think of the incredible jewels used during the Renaissance, a tradition continued during the Baroque period and the amazing explosion of luxurious and expensive accessories during the Rococo … one can not say with certainty who wore more jewels, women or men.

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After the French revolution and with the arrival of the first industrial revolution in the nineteenth century, men left the jewellery scene to women, in general reserving only the habit of wearing watches and rings. These items were used in a much more discreet way than their predecessors. The two ornaments have become the masculine jewel standard.

Everything is cyclical and men today, apart from wearing the Rolex or Cartier – jewels that are at the same time status symbols- have started to win the right to bring other pieces into their wardrobes.

Chains with a small metal pendant began to appear in the 50s.
In the 60s “flower children,” wore necklaces, not only of metal but also of wood and cloth and other organic substances.
In the 80s some of the first earrings for men re-appeared. I remember how “transgressive” it was for a boy to wear an earring. The stories at home! The grandmothers and fathers who did not understand and the mothers who tried to stay “cool”.
In the 90s everything was different because the rules and fashion finally began to be more flexible.

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Today, wedding ring designers have introduced options that include male taste.

From 15 years to today there has been a strong rapprochement from the so-called “strong sex” towards jewels. Why not? If the fashion accessories offer is so wonderful and attractive!

One of the most loved jewels for him is the chain necklace in solid gold, silver, or platinum. Many designers have created different types to choose from, from the heavy and detailed object to others lighter and smoother. There are those who like to personalize their necklace with letters or symbols.
For a casual look, it is a trend to wear natural or coloured wood necklaces. Generally, necklaces like these are fine if worn on the beach, on vacation, or in an informal setting.
The bracelet has become another must-have, designed with a multitude of options. From precious metals to leather, often simple, and informal for every day. For the most demanding occasions, you can decide for a bracelet set with diamonds.

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In the latest fashion shows in the fashion capitals, men’s jewels are present in a provocative centre stage manner: with earrings, necklaces, brooches, chokers, rings and bracelets. Bending the whole gender and accessories paradigm once again!