Passion for the bracelet: which is your favorite!?

When I travel, I always try to combine the useful with pleasure.  I devote some time to the discovery of new cultures, new lands and new experiences. One conclusion on a recent trip was that women, par excellence, are better at shopping. This time my holiday includes a very special shopping mission dedicated to the search for the beloved bracelet.

Bangles and bracelets in a thousand shapes

I embarked on my trip to Australia with great enthusiasm, for numerous reasons, more or less evident. Although I was never a great wearer of jewellery, that does not mean that I do not love them as artifacts of beauty. I am a collector and a gift giver! I am constantly gifting my sister, mom, and friends. I remember very clearly the point in time when I developed a great passion for bracelets, especially for bangles: and what better place to find bangles if not the market in Sydney? And there I started my hunt for the most colourful and original bangle to take back with me to the Old Continent and to preserve.




The passion for bracelets is, in fact, a habit that affects many women. Let’s see together the varieties of bracelets, how to wear them and when.

The Spring bracelets are also widely used by girls: from the simplest created with elastic bands to those with various precious stones or precious materials, they can be worn in any occasion and with any kind of clothing. Self-made, DIY bracelets are very popular amongst the teen set. just last autumn the trend spread for girls to create bracelets in a thousand colours with glass, plastic, wood and other materials in the form of coloured beads. Of course, they are worn mainly during the day and with bright outfits.

Always suitable for the day are the bracelets made of knitted fabric: that are found in jewellery, as well as costume jewellery. They are mainly made of precious metals, gold and silver, from the simplest designs to chain designs to the more complicated.

Bangles have a long tradition, to which we will dedicate another article. They are characterized by a lively and colourful design and are suitable to be worn during the day: large, rigid, artsy, and colourful!

For the evening and for special occasions, certainly precious stones mounted on equally precious metals are an elegant option: the tennis bracelet, for example, with a band of Diamonds, the circle bracelet, the snake spiral, the and the so-called the slave bracelet (a fine east Indian influenced chain that links to a ring) .

The popular Tennis bracelet does not need much introduction. An elegant and timeless jewel. A simple but precious row of diamonds, all the same size, set one after the other in a flexible setting, usually made from yellow, white, red, black – gold, or platinum. In addition to traditional Diamonds – perfect on an elegant dress, this timelessly charming bracelet can as well be made from multicoloured stones for a more casual look.

Zirconia-Bracelet-Rocks & Co.

Zirconia-Bracelet-Rocks & Co.


For special occasions; gala for evenings, for example, a simple band of Diamonds is always divine.

The circle bracelet/bangle can be of different sizes, colours, materials. They are generally thin and several are worn stacked together. They can be chic when made of white, yellow or red gold. But they can also come in sterling silver, for a fun affordable option.

The snake bracelet is a model that I have not had the opportunity to buy yet. It is so called because of its spiral shape that refers to the viper, with a precious stone generally set in place of the eyes. It is considered a symbol of femininity (think Cleopatra), which confers a dramatic flair combined with elegance,  often made of gold or silver.

Among the historical processes, we look back at the pioneering designs  Guiglioche, with its intricate engraving in Gold. This, was an important jewel, because of its size, delicacy and workmanship.

There are so many more designs to explore in the bracelet world. Too much for one article.

Which is your favourite bracelet? And what will you wear to the next important occasion? I leave you to your creativity. And I will dedicate myself to my favourite bracelet ..until next time.