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Tanzanite, the chameleon among gems

Recently there has been so much talk about Tanzanite! 

Tanzanite is considered one of the most sought-after gems and at the same time it is one of the rarest gems in the world. The typical colour of these gems that come from the Merelani Hills region of Tanzania is an intense blue colour with purplish nuances, or at least this is its most famous variety!

But tanzanite is also available in other colours such as yellow, green, pink or even in a multi-coloured variant, which is often referred to as “Fancy Tanzanite”. Finally, the so-called “Chameleon Tanzanite” is worthy of note, although it is relatively unknown it presents a mix of truly wonderful colours. Its colour varies according to the light source, just like the chameleon changes its colours to blend with its surroundings.



Pleochroism (Double Refraction)

What makes the chameleon tanzanite extraordinary is the phenomenon of a strong pleochroism. This phenomenon occurs in “multi-colour” gems, meaning the light splits into two separate components, and these rays of light possess different colours which are visible when the gem is viewed from different angles.

The perfect cut

The cut of a gem directly affects its overall value, it has a decisive impact on creating the perfect gemstone which highlights effects and peculiarities. To enhance the Chameleon Tanzanites’ secrets and bring its beauty to the beams, the rough gem is analysed in detail from all sides and points of view to find the perfect cut. Only a high level of expertise can cut this unique gem perfectly.  Furthermore, this gem can show a clarity and transparency that is simply phenomenal!

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