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Black Gemstone Beauties

Gemstones hold a special place in our collective psyche and lives. Colour, cut, and settings evoke memories, emotions, hopes & desires as well as simply being expressions of our personal style. Gemstone use crosses many borders, from high society, haute couture to energy healers and shamanistic use. Black gemstones have been associated with healing, mourning, grounding as well playing a starring role in varying goal posts in design history, including the art deco period.

The stones, like their raven-haired Hollywood Siren counterparts can evoke deep emotions, the possibility of danger, mystery, knowledge, desire and a whole lot of sex appeal, as a counter balance to the blond, lighter hearted Marilyn Monroe type symbols of beauty. When conjuring dark beauties just think about Eva Gardner, Dorothy Dandridge & Elizabeth Taylor for starters. The following is a mini tour of some of our favourite Black Gemstones and the differences between them.

Black Diamond Ring from Rocks & Co.

Black Diamond Ring from Rocks & Co.

Black Diamonds or Natural Fancy Black Diamonds?

There are Black Diamonds, and there are Natural Fancy Black Diamonds. I would not kick any of them out of bed! Both types are real, but the black colour in the first group is the result of heat treatment of clear diamonds. The heat treated Black Diamonds are much less expensive, making the coveted black stones accessible to many. In general, the prices start at around £245.18 per carat.

Natural Fancy Black Diamonds are somewhat different from most other diamonds in that they are entirely opaque. These stones are incredibly precious, absolutely beautiful, and considered quite valuable. Still, even with all the hype of black Diamonds, these stones are more affordable than most other natural fancy coloured Diamonds.

Fancy Black Diamonds, will cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 per carat. Natural Fancy Black Diamonds, are found in the rough with the same black colour they display when they are finished. The colour of Fancy Black Diamonds is produced by the inclusion of graphite in the crystalline structure clustering throughout the diamond during the diamond’s formation.

Natural Black Diamonds are found in very few locations. These locations include Brazil and Central Africa.

Black Diamond Rings from Rocks & Co.

Black Diamond Rings from Rocks & Co.

Celebrity Stone Watch:

One of the most high-profile black diamonds is the engagement ring that fictional character Mr. Big gives Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City TV series. When he presents her with the black Diamond halo ring, he tells her that he has given it to her because she is ‘not like anyone else’.  Black Diamond earrings have been spotted on the likes of Katherine Heigl, Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, Evan Rachel Wood, Jennifer Lawrence, Lauren Conrad, and Sarah Jessica Parker, to name a few.

Black Spinel

The rich and regal Spinel is a gemstone that ranges in colour from pale pink to deepest black. The black Spinel is one of the rarest of the Spinel family. Spinel is known as the “great imposter” in the world of gemstones. Several of the “Rubies” in the Queen of England’s crown jewels are actually red Spinel!

Black Spinel Ring from Rocks & Co.

Black Spinel Ring from Rocks & Co.

Magic & what we believe:

Spinel is associated with love and supposedly helps the wearer to put his/her ego aside in devotion to another. Spinel is also thought to encourage passion and increase the duration of life. Black Spinel, in particular, is said to be a protective stone that assists in re-establishing relationships and resolving issues, grounds and protects the wearer. It is also believed to ease sadness.

Well, now that sounds just like what the doctor ordered!

Spinel is a durable gemstone even though it is only 8 on the MOHS scale, it has the advantage of the lack of cleavage which makes it difficult to chip and scratch. It is also a gemstone that does not need enhancement to get its jet-black colour, the colour is all natural. Having few inclusions adds to its durability.

Black Spinel is highly reflective, and it lacks the metallic overtone that other black gemstones possess.

Black gemstone beauties, better than a fairy tale!

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