Inspired by Nature – The new diamond collection by KAT FLORENCE

Kat Florence presents her new and perhaps most personal collection.  This coming  Friday to Monday, from 8:00 am, the Canadian jewelery designer Kat Florence along with the gemstone hunter and expert Don Kogen, will present the new long-awaited diamond collection at Rocks & Co.

Kat Florence

Kat Florence

Sparkling diamonds

For a long time, it seemed as if it was not possible to get enough diamonds of this quality for this fine collection. Thanks to Don’s good contacts, Kate’s dream has come true. And now she finally lets us take part.

combinable rose gold rings with pink coloured champagne F diamonds

combinable rose gold rings with pink coloured champagne F diamonds

Their newly created jewelery will be celebrated with a premiere live at Juwelo. Be among the first to have the chance to catch a glimpse of the jewelery and, of course, to win one for yourself.  Kat has once again used only the best diamond quality: lupen-pure canary gels and pink-coloured champagne diamonds, as well as D Flawless diamonds, to make this collection dynamic and unprecedented. Never before has a jewellery designer made such a collection of the rarest diamonds.

Gold chain with exquisite D Flawless Diamonds


 The collection that Kat has created with her team is  inspired by nature: “From the atoms to the rivers, to the leaves – we are all natural …” Everything is in motion, gentle golden waves that wear the diamonds, Leaves and flowers that let the precious stones dance in the light … A bird, seahorses and a frog can also be found in the new Kat Florence Collection blended with the natural forms of exclusive jewelery.

Gold ring with canary F diamonds

“My greatest inspiration is the most diverse forms of nature – My greatest motivation is the way these – held in jewelery – become portable and feel. Nothing is comparable to the beauty of nature. In order to give the highest respect to beauty, the world’s rarest diamonds, together with hand-crafted gold, tell the story of the perfect symmetry of nature. ”
Let yourself be touched by Kats’ new collection …