Aries, Taurus & Diamonds-a birthstone match made in heaven

Happy Birthday April Babies!

Aries are said to be passionate, courageous, optimistic, determined, and confident. Those born under the star sign Taurus are said to be well grounded, reliable, sensual, and harvesters of the fruits of their labour. So, it makes perfect sense that the birthstone of these two powerful and magnetic signs would be the strong and eternally mesmerizing Diamond! Diamond Jewellery is the perfect match for the babes of April – Aries and Taurus.




Diamonds & Taureans are forever

The only substance that can cut, shape or facet the gem is another Diamond. Formed within the earth’s mantle, a Diamond takes from between 1 billion and 3.3 billion years to form and pretty much will last forever. Diamond is the hardest known natural mineral. The loyalty and mental strength of a Taurean run eternally. When you find a Taurean in your personal or business life you have met a highly dependable, fiercely loyal being who sticks with it and gets things done. They also tend to be excellent cooks, gardeners, lovers and artists. Gemstone jewellery worthy, no doubt.


diamond-gold vermeil- silver ring

Diamond Jewellery for your Aries

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This statement harkens back to the glamorous movies starlets of old Hollywood but most guys & gals would enjoy a bit of bling in their lives. It helps a bit with the pounding at the keyboard when there is a rock on one of the ol’ fingers. Aries people are passionate, fearless and natural leaders. Very sensual but with class. Classic stone cuts and settings are usually a safe bet. Think solitaire, cushion cut and so on.


9k-diamond-gold-ring-Rocks & Co.

Diamond Jewellery for your Taurean

Diamonds are forever and for all occasions. Every diamond is unique. None is absolutely perfect. When scrutinized under 10 × magnification, a rare few come close.  These are exceptional and known as Flawless. Most jewellers have never even seen one!  Don’t be afraid to think out of the box when choosing a Diamond jewellery piece for your Taurean. Taureans love to be surrounded by love and beauty. A bracelet might be the perfect fit for your April kid, or maybe earrings, a pendant or a ring?  Check into the style of your birthday celebrant. Are they bohemian or classic? Simple lines or exotic flourishes? A White Diamond Crystal clear, is a classic choice or are there colours and layers in their personal style, calling for a colourful fancy Diamond?


Rocks & Co. – your online Jewellers

Although many think of diamond jewellery as a treasure deemed for the deep of pocket, we do have more than a few stunners at amazingly reasonable prices. In the past one shopped exclusively for a diamond ring, earrings or any type of Diamond jewellery at their favourite local jeweller.  In contemporary times online stores are helping those out who might not have the time or desire for in-person shopping. It is now a safe and standard activity for people to purchase gemstone jewellery online costing anywhere from the very affordable to literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact some shop for luxury items exclusively online. This is due to trusted merchants, GIA certifications, insurance, and reputation.