Why Choose a Topaz?

Topaz is one of the oldest precious stones known

The origin of the name Topaz is not very clear. The name could derive from the term “tapas” which means about to burn, in Sanskrit or from an island in the Red Sea, which until the Middle Ages was also known as a source of Peridot. We know with certainty that, in ancient times, many yellow stones were thought of and called Topaz, before it was possible to differentiate one from another.

Topaz is an aluminium silicate-containing fluorine and hydroxyl. In its pure form, it is colourless. As we gem lovers should know, the colour of a stone is determined by foreign elements. Meaning elements that are generally not part of the crystalline structure of the stone, including imperfections of the crystal, are responsible for the colour.

The History and etymology of Topaz . . . is Millennial!

Topaz is a millennial gem: its history dates back at least 2000 years. The use of Topaz dates back to ancient Egyptian times when it was believed that yellow Topaz, with its gold colour, was created by the Sun God, Ra.

Some believe that “Topaz” is a word derived from Middle English, or from the language spoken by the Anglo-Saxons during the medieval period.  The word was then appropriated into the old French word “Topace” and the Latin “Topazus”, whose root comes from the Greek word “Topazios” or “Topazion”.

Which came first…?

“Topazion” seems to have been the ancient name of the island in the Red Sea, where the Greeks extracted a yellow gem that they believed was Topaz. The name of the island, in Greek, corresponds to the meaning of the verb “to look for” which may have referred to the low visibility of the island. Today the isle is known as “Zabargad” or the  “Island of St. John”, and it is thought that the gem extracted from the ancient Greeks was, in fact, the Peridot.

The Old Testament refers to the Topaz: but it may be that in this case too, Christians, given the precedent, referred to  Peridot rather than Topaz. Finally, as already mentioned, the word “Topaz” could also be derived from the word “Tapas”, which, in Sanskrit, means “fire”.

9k-Imperial-Topaz-Gold-ring-Rocks & Co.

9k-Imperial-Topaz-Gold-ring-Rocks & Co.

Why Choose a Topaz?

Wearing  Topaz jewellery means making a small investment and, at the same time, keeping up with the latest trends and fashion. Topaz is a precious stone and like all precious stones, is a mineral highly valued in economic terms, due to many factors, first of all, beauty, rarity and hardness.

The value of Topaz also depends on the technique used for cutting, cleaning of a gem that is considered extremely precious. Like the Diamond, this is a gemstone par excellence and is often considered a good financial investment. In addition, many gems belong to private collections raising the value.

Topaz is a gem of great success, thanks to its versatility and a wide range of colours, keeping up with the fashion and trends. It is no secret that the world of fashion-style is dominated by trends, often dictated by fashion houses in the jewellery, make-up and cosmetics, art and design industries. It is no coincidence that every year we look forward to the verdict of Pantone Inc., which from the year 2000 to the present, decrees the colour of the year, giving rise to a production and promotional cycle around the world.

Topaz, with its range of colours, is able to adapt every time to the colour of the year and emerging trends, including  Mystic TopazBlue TopazFlamingo Topaz, London Blue Topaz, Melon Topaz. And don’t forget  Moonlight Topaz, Cherry TopazFire Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz, Pink TopazRainbow and Sunset Topaz! There is an infinite number of Topaz hues, with which to create jewellery and accessories.

For its versatility, therefore, Topaz is a gem suitable for an infinite variety of jewellery: it is ideal for rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants, earrings and can be modelled in almost all shapes. Care must be taken to avoid shocks, while despite its hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, due to the brittle nature of the stone, care must be taken in the treatment of your Topaz.

Wearing a Topaz means being always in step with the trend and fashion since this gem is easily combined with any type of outfit. But if you want to know more, if you are collectors, passionate or just curious . . . stay with me! There will be a lot to discover!