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Jewellery for him by Cuini Amelio-Ortiz

Where does "jewellery for him" fit into the timescale of jewellery design? From the beginning of time, women have felt the joy of wearing jewellery Read more [...]

Everyday Jewellery by Cuini Amelio-Ortiz

Everyday Jewellry-The Price versus the Story the Jewel has to tell I recently reflected on a comment made by Anna Olivia Strarosti, the head Read more [...]

Diamonds & light by Cuini Amelio-Ortiz

Many of us are fans of Diamonds. How could it not be? We all like diamonds, if they are big and of excellent quality much better yet ... but Read more [...]

Berlin Iron Jewellery by Cuini Amelio-Ortiz

Striking Delicate black jewellery with floral motifs in bracelets, necklaces, brooches, diadems, and earrings, made of ... iron!  Berlin Iron Read more [...]