Paraíba Tourmaline, the star of the new Kat Florence Collection

Already eagerly awaited, it is now finally time again: Kat Florence will be live on Rocks & Co to present her latest creations alongside Don Kogen. On June 24th to 27th from 4pm, designer Kat Florence and gem expert Don Kogen will present precious Tanzanite, Tsavorite and the most beautiful tourmaline variety in the world – Brazilian Paraíba Tourmaline.

New Paraíba Tourmaline Collection

Let us take you into Kat Florence’s world of electrifying swimming-pool blue Paraíba Tourmalines. About her absolute favourite ring featuring this exceptional and world renowned gemstone the designer says:

“Just like the rest of the world, I too have fallen in love with Paraiba Tourmaline. It is that internal neon glow that attracts me to this gemstone. The incandescent glow appears to light up the gemstone from within- making this gemstone incomparable to any other gemstone.

“Although it is the “youngest” of the three gems, Brazilian Paraíba Tourmaline is already a legend among gemstone connoisseurs. The electrifying blues and greens, combined with an exceptional purity and brilliance which is not often found in Tourmalines, is the reason why this gemstone has taken the gemstone market by storm. It was almost overnight that Brazilian Paraíba Tourmaline became a superstar among jewellery lovers!

If there had been sufficient material in the mine, Paraíba Tourmaline would now be on a par with the big gems and just as famous as a Ruby or a Diamond. Today, the hunt for exceptional quality Paraiba Tourmaline resembles the search of a needle in a haystack.”

Brazilian Paraíba Tourmaline Ring

Brazilian Paraíba Tourmaline Ring

“I feel incredibly lucky to be entrusted with such outstanding gemstones. It truly is a gift to work with Don Kogen’s incredible pieces – an opportunity that not even the finest of designers could ever dream of! I cannot wait to introduce you to my new creations featuring Brazilian Paraíba tourmalines!”

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kat Florence

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kat Florence

Kat Florence I have one Paraiba piece in my personal collection. A piece I designed myself. I created a design that elevated the gemstone. The top view is just the Paraiba – I really love the cutting of this pieces and was inspired to follow the lines of the faceting in the gold work.”

Hear what our gemstone expert Don Kogen has to say about this highly coveted gemstone and what makes it so irresistible to collectors.

Make sure you tune in June 24th to 27th from 4pm for the new Kat Florence Collection, presented by Kat Florence and Don Kogen and exclusive to Rocks & Co.

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