Simona Nicolai about the author

Discovering the fantastic world of gemstones …and much more!

“Sir, your wife fell in the pool!” “Get her jewellery!” – J.Edward McKinley, Hollywood Party, 1968

A Blake Edwards´ 1968 comedy, a baby elephant and another elephant in the room, a Hollywood dinner party out of control: in a curious way began the adventure that let me discover the world of gemstones.

I was never a fan of jewellery, maybe because I was a rebellious girl and did not follow conventional style nor the commonplace. At the tender age of 16 I first discovered Vogue Magazine, and so my interest in fashion was spiked. I was interested in vintage fashion and thrifty finds, I was also particularly interested in photography, aesthetics and the art of beauty in general.

Being a curious and impertinent girl, and by no means a conventional girl, the world of jewellery was a stranger to me. Although watching “The Hollywood Party” during a night in, I found myself laughing out loud alone in the room. It was the side-splitting scene when Mr. Clutterbuck cries “get her jewellery!” as his wife falls into the pool, strangely it is this scene and this movie that peaked my interest in jewellery.

Jewellery: precious gemstones on precious metals.

When I arrived at Juwelo (Rocks & Co.’s German sister company) I discovered a new world to which I was previously completely unaware. Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond are just the tip of the iceberg. Sourced from the most unexpected places in the world, I discovered fascinating gems in endless colours, shapes and sizes. I explored the composition and the characteristics of each gemstone and how each gemstone is unique and entwined in fascinating histories and mythologies.

The world of gemstones a magical: come with me, we are going to embark on an incredible journey through this magic and precious world!