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Welcome to my World of Gemstones

Hello, my name is Viola, for those of you who don’t know me I am going to tell you a little something about myself.

I have been part of the Juwelo/ Rocks & Co. family since the beginning. I have always been interested in geology and mineralogy since I was young and so, as these areas involve similar concepts, I became an expert for gemstones once I started working at Juwelo. I studied minerals, the chemical and organic origin of gemstones and the different methods of mining, although I was still surprised by the sheer amount of gemstone types that exist!

I have worked in many different departments at Juwelo, the German sister company to Rocks & Co. I started as a producer, then I was put in charge of the magazine where I wrote articles about jewellery and gemstones.  I am regularly in contact with our experts, who travel all around the world to source the finest gemstones and our craftsmen make all our jewellery by hand!

Follow this blog for up to date stories from the Juwelo & Rocks & Co family, and for interesting information on the world of gemstones!