The secret is out- we love self-care and self-gifting

The secret is out!

We love self-care and self-gifting. Although self-care and self-adornment go as far back as human existence, Cleopatra being the patron saint of both, as of late, more and more people are focusing on ourselves without guilt. For the growing population of single people (51%) as well as self-employed people, the traditional social fabric is simply irrelevant for a growing number of us.  It is finally okay to be single, self-employed or otherwise on your own and to give ourselves that special something every once in a while a.k.a unfettered self-gifting. Happily, we are rewarding ourselves with gifts for achievements or ‘just because’. Some of us even have gone as far as marrying ourselves! So. You no longer have to wait for ‘the one’ to have that precious ring or feeling that you have arrived. You can symbolically commit to yourself.




Is it better to give than to receive?

Building community is also a huge topic of discussion these days. Self-love is not an antidote to societal problems but it can make life a bit kinder and gentler on the way!. There are bloggers blooming everywhere with a laser focus on health, self-esteem, self-care, radical self-care, self-celebration and more. Part of this trend comes from marketers, trendsetters and makers of the things we want to buy. On the other side are the true healers, the seekers of knowledge of the self, positive psychology, pro-good health folks. I ascribe to both. I love fashion and self-help and empowerment, fighting fear and all of that good stuff. Hopefully, it is always balanced with kindness to others…

Making a list & making it twice

So, continue making that gift list just for you and then maybe you will know exactly what to get yourself when budget and time allows or when it just feels right!

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