Magic and mystery: the fascinating world of precious stones

Do you know the so-called “fear of the blank paper”? It is a phenomenon that is very common when creative people are trying to start an activity. This is exactly what I am experiencing in this moment. Today I’m starting to write about gemstones; stories and legends, about jewellery, design, trends and news regularly for this blog … But where should I start? The world of precious stones and jewellery is just as extensive as it is fascinating! So I will start by telling you a little about myself and the rest will follow. My name is Cuini Amelio Ortiz (Cuini is a Celtic name, owed to my grandmother, she was Irish) and I am a journalist and documentary film maker. I have been working as a reporter for various TV stations all over the world and have travelled a lot. But gemstones are my passion!

My mother possessed many, very beautiful pieces of jewellery so I was fascinated even as a child. I tried to learn more about nature and the structure of gemstones. Every single remote region of the world I’ve travelled to I always try to take a gem as a souvenir. Today I am in the fortunate position to share my passion with you in this blog.

I’ve always said Mother Nature is a magician. The fact that a gemstone is capable of changing colour, like Alexandrite, or that a gemstone is two-coloured, such as Ametrine, will always astonish me – even though I know why this phenomenon occurs. I will lead you through the wonderful labyrinth of precious stones, and you will find astonishment at every angle. I invite you to be a part of my adventures and to dive into the magical and mysterious world of precious stones.