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So many Gemstones! by Viola Eichler

I have just counted, at the moment we have no less than 530 different gems on offer! It is really unbelievable how many varieties and sub-varieties Read more [...]

KAT FLORENCE by Viola Eichler

Inspired by Nature - The new diamond collection by KAT FLORENCE Kat Florence presents her new and perhaps most personal collection.  This coming Read more [...]
AAA Tanzanite

Wonderful Tanzanite by Viola Eichler

Tanzania is known for its exceptional gemstone treasures including the passionate Tanzanian Ruby, the valuable Vanadium Chrysoberyl, and the Read more [...]

Brazil, Brazil, Brazil! by Viola Eichler

In recent weeks, whether you turned on the TV, read the newspaper or surfed the net, there has been a sea of reports, statistics and other information Read more [...]
brillant header

Absolute brilliance! by Viola Eichler

To make a diamond brilliant, there is only one small step - a very special cut! It has long been known that a specific cut could display this Read more [...]